Spa Capsule

Price – 95 zł


Whirling bath with 144 massage jets

Price – 50 zł


Vanilla bath

Price – 90 zł


Sulfide bath

Price – 35 zł


Treatment bath with sulfide ions and hydrogen sulfide. Stimulating the skin, the bath causes temporary hyperaemia both to the skin and internal organs. It stimulates metabolism, removes toxins from the body and immunizes the skin. Good results are also obtained in the rehabilitation of post traumatic osteoarthritis, inflammation of nerves in the final stage of a disease, neuralgia, gynaecological diseases, poisoning by heavy metals. The bath is also bactericidal, fungicidal and antiparasitic, for which the bather stays in the sulfur bath up to the shoulders.


Peloid bath

Price – 35 zł


The peloid is mud that has always been used in health resorts as a form of treatment. Peloid and humus extracts, plant hormones, tannins, calcium and magnesium ions penetrate into the body. The mud stimulates production of elastin and collagen, affects metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, stimulates regeneration of tissues.